Do more than doodle with the NEW Dot Pen Bundle! Including four optimistic shades in Hyacinth, Island Coral, Kiwi and Denim, these photo-safe dot pens feature a fine tip to journal and draw, and a thicker, dot tip that hits the spot on layouts and crafts! Hint: Press and hold the dot tip to your page and watch as the dot gets bigger and bigger!

Dot Pen Bundle

Artikelnummer: 659055
  • ◾The Dot Pen Bundle includes:

    ◾1 Hyacinth Dot Pen

    ◾1 Island Coral Dot Pen

    ◾1 Kiwi Dot Pen

    ◾1 Denim Dot Pen

    ◾Each Dot Pen features a fine tip to journal and draw, along with a thicker dot tip


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